Bring a full plan to the table

Will this past week’s awful events change the local political conversation?

Amy George on her Facebook:

City council members/candidates and mayoral candidates need to bring a full plan to the table.

I want to know how you’re going to actively work to make our schools less segregated, our courts and policing more just, and ensure economic growth benefits those who need it the most.

I need to know what plans are in place to ensure residents of public housing are not carelessly scattered when places like Creighton Court are redeveloped. I want to see great bus access between high poverty communities and areas with high concentrations of jobs.

And most of all, I want to know what review procedures are in place to ensure that any misconduct by the Richmond Police Department sees the full light of day.

I’m really interested to see if any of the awful events of this past week push the local political conversations beyond cutting the grass.

Author: Ross Catrow

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