We used to know this

Via Cheri’s Blog: In my opinion, trading your IP rights, pricing flexibility, distribution flexibility, and independence for free hosting on someone else’s website is a moron’s deal. We used to know this! But then we forgot, and now we’ve got so much work to do to rebuild the networks lost in the great Social Media […]

This was a good Twitter thread I put together back in October 2017 and is a good example of what I like best about Twitter.

You wanna let that breathe…

Tonight I had good internet timing. First, I wanted the .gif from Jaws where Chief Brody pours a huge glass of wine, which I couldn’t find. Second, I read this post from Ploaf: Unless you’re extremely online, you may not know how easy it is to make your own dang bespoke GIFs from video using […]

Last week, I wrote about how gender-neutral “full-on, multi-stall, chat-at-the-sink bathrooms” make me feel anxious for irrational reasons. This week, I came across VCU’s gender-inclusive restroom map which has an important qualifier for the restrooms contained therein: single-stall! Way less anxiety for everyone. Tangential thought: As an official old person, I’m excited to be a […]

I got heated this morning during a conversation about how the bus company should focus on providing high-quality, fixed-route transit and not get distracted by whatever shiny new thing. In this specific case, I was ranting about autonomous vehicles, but it could be on-demand this or Uber/Lyft that, too. From Alon Levy at Pedestrian Observations: […]

From an opinion piece in the Atlanta Journal Constitution about a plan to massively invest in public transportation: To maximize a prosperous future that seems in the cards for this metro, we must be willing to dream and build aggressively toward it, we believe.

I went to an event the other day at a space with gender-neutral bathrooms—not single-occupancy toilet rooms, but full-on, multi-stall, chat-at-the-sink bathrooms. I’m, like, a pretty progressive guy, but when Bathroom Break Time arrived I totally froze. I felt childish, because, intellectually, I know that peeing in the same room as a stranger of the […]

Photo challenge, Week 2: Guilty pleasures

I didn’t realize until late in the week that the Guily Pleasures theme could apply non-edible items—like Marvel’s Runaways, a show that is somehow simultaneously compelling and unremarkable. This means that we’re stuck with food and food-adjacent subject matter. This week: Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend, Miller High Life, Tarrant’s (where […]