Accidentally forever bike

Bike Snob’s Outside magazine column about “forever bikes” hits me in the feels: There’s also yet another way to obtain a forever bike, and that’s by accident. Sometimes a bike starts out as nothing particularly special, then years later you realize it’s become such a part of your life that you can’t imagine ever being […]

Elizabeth Warren on housing

Take a minute and read though Elizabeth Warren’s housing plan which addresses supply, land use, parking minimums, and the continuing impact of redlining on Black communities. I’ll tell you what, it’s rad to see a legit presidential candidate talking about land use and parking. But there’s another driver of expensive housing costs: some state and […]

The War on Cars in Cincinnati

My pal Cam, from the Better Bus Coalition in Cincinnati showed up on the most recent episode of the War on Cars podcast: What if you could get around quickly and reliably in a state-of-the-art vehicle that you didn’t have to drive, park, fuel, or insure? No, it’s not an Uber or a self-driving car… […]

Photo Challenge, Week 8: Trees

Trees! So easy! So omnipresent! But guess what? In the deep of February, in the midst of a million straight days of rain, trees are…not that awesome looking. Just a buncha black, severe, dead-looking things hanging out in tree wells across the City. Anyway, here’s what I came up with for week eight (one is […]

Waiting for the bus

Here’s a chronological set of pictures taken while waiting for the bus in various parts of town—Northside, Fulton, and Downtown. I’m definitely going back to Fulton at some point to get a better shot of that house on the terraced hill. My bus was coming down the hill, and that’s the best I could do!

Congo Masks

We took the mostly-free-from-work Presidents Day to check out Congo Masks: Masterpieces from Central Africa at the VMFA (open through February 24th). Here are a few of my favorite shots—I’m mostly proud I figured out how to take focused, non-grainy shots in a pretty low-light environment. Afterwards, we went to Greenleaf’s Pool Room for lunch, […]

Thinking about equity in transportation planning…

Mariia Zimmerman, a transit-oriented development expert, writes this two-part introspective about her own journey towards racial equity in transportation planning: We wrote a lot about the potential economic development impact of [Transit-Oriented Development], and that of streetcars in particular. Not surprisingly, we found that once the idea caught on and development began, much of it was […]