NoBro’s affordable housing is affordable for whomst?

From this morning’s GMRVA; Roberto Roldan at Virginia Public Media, which is now the name of our local public media…group? collection of stations? squad?…looks into the affordable housing component of the proposed North of Broad development. Here’s the deal: The developer will build 80 affordable units by 2022 and then “the developer expects to build […]

Using a TIF to subsidize affordable housing

From City Observatory: Portland’s tony Pearl District, adjacent to downtown, as blossomed in the past decade, adding more than 7,000 new residential units, plus offices and stores. The city’s policy has plowed tens of millions of dollars in the tax increment from new construction and rising property values into affordable housing in the neighborhood.  That […]

Should not and will not

Love this bit from the James River Park System draft Master Plan: The consensus is that the JRPS should not and will not be building additional roads and parking lots to solve the growing access challenges on site, as that necessarily degrades the conservation of the park proper. Download the draft plan here and fill […]

Richmond by bike

Views from my first real ride on the Capital Trail—embarrassing, I know. 15 years ago, I used to ride out to this 7-11 way back before the trail existed. Turns out bike infrastructure is real nice!

Ban cars, Part 3

Via Alon Levy: The upshot is that there are two valid strategies to deal with literally hundreds of millions of first-world citizens who stand to lose income, wealth, or social or cultural status from the green transition. The first is to buy them off, or at least buy off those who can be bought off […]