Coronavirus: Day 21

Immediately ordering a printer as quarantine began stands as one of our best coronavirus decisions to date. We’ve used it to print D&D miniatures, math work sheets, and, most recently, the Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition. If you’ve got a tween at home, I can’t recommend the latter enough. It’s chock full of poop jokes, […]

Coronavirus: Day 20

This, from the Chronicle of Higher Education, resonated with me: No matter what your family unit looks like, you will need a team in the weeks and months ahead. The best way to build a team is to be a good teammate, so take some initiative to ensure that you are not alone. If you […]

Coronavirus: Day 19

I’ve been baking a lot. Monday is Bread Day during the Family Activity portion of our schedule (3:00–4:00 PM), and so far we’ve made: A cheesy quick bread, Southern cast-iron cornbread, and butter fan rolls. All of the recipes came from Bread Illustrated. I know everyone is doing #sourdoughchallenge or whatever and using up the […]

Coronavirus: Day 17

On Sundays we attend church in our living room. City Church, our church for more than a decade, has done a really excellent job creating a way to asynchronously work through the liturgy we’ve come to expect week after week. It doesn’t replace a corporate worship service, but it still feels communal in This Most […]

Coronavirus: Day 15

Friday night is movie night here in Catrow Coronatown, and we decided to watch The Day After Tomorrow—which is, by far, my favorite disaster movie. Made in 2004, it’s supposed to be a far-fetched look at how climate change will ruin our planet. Sitting here 16 years later, though, it feels both not-far-fetched-enough and especially […]

Coronavirus: Day 14

Dang, two weeks already? Virus time is weird, because, in some ways, it feels like 600 weeks has past, but, in other ways, I remember writing this just a couple hours ago: I’ve got a lot of questions about what life looks like after its familiar routines get twisted and bent by the unknown. Do […]

Coronavirus: Day 13

I teach a class at VCU with my pal Max on active and sustainable transportation. We talk about bikes, buses, good land use, and how they all work together to make cities wonderful. The class itself is great and filled with a bunch of awesomely nerdy students with strong opinions on transportation. We’ve had a […]

Coronavirus: Day 12

I forgot to write this yesterday. One thing that’s surprised me is how my reaction to the coronacrisis hasn’t been linear or even consistently in the same direction. Some days I’m feeling excited to face an unprecedented challenge, some days I’m feeling trapped under the uncertainty. I know that’s “normal,” but my own emotional rollercoaster […]

Coronavirus: Day 11

School’s out…forever? Today the Governor announced that he’s closing schools for the rest of the academic year. I watched a little bit of the press conference on Twitter, and the live comments instantly flooded with high school students angry about missing their friends and graduations. Is the assumption that we’ll all need to continue our […]

Coronavirus: Day 9

It’s the weekend! And, somehow—despite the simultaneous blurring, expansion, and contraction of time lately—it actually feels like a weekend. Today, the schedule went out the window and everyone had plenty of free time to spend however they liked. There was napping. There was much Minecraft. I made cookies and spent an hour drinking and playing […]

Soothing DIY

I am instantly calmed by the idea of mostly unnecessary but very specific do-it-yourself projects like this one from The Brooks Review about making your own zipper pulls: These pulls are incredibly easy to make. All you do is take a loop of paracord, remove the inner strands, slide it through the zipper, slide on […]

Coronavirus: Day 8

Week 1: Complete! We did it, it was hard, and I’m proud of us. While I’m not looking forward to Week 2, we learned a lot over the last seven days and I feel prepared to tackle the next seven days. The biggest surprise from Week 1 for me was the efficacy of video conferencing […]

Coronavirus: Day 7

Today, I learned that, at this moment, I’m not in the right mental state to go to the grocery store. We ran out of ice cream, I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal, in and out. After getting back and dumping the contents of my bags onto the back patio and compulsively wiping down […]

Coronavirus: Day 6

Everything feels pretend. I still have a day job advocating for better public transportation. Apple is still releasing new hardware. Survivor still airs on Wednesdays nights. But, like, none of that stuff seems particularly real at the moment. We’re all carrying on like everything is normal, just digital and remote. I’m getting more and more […]

Coronavirus: Day 5

I’m irrationally worried about injuring myself in the kitchen and being unable to get the appropriate medical care. Chopping carrots the other night involved the same L’Appel du Vide feeling (literally “call of the void”) but instead for chopping off my fingers.