Coronavirus: Day 104

While following the COVID Tracking Project on Twitter may not help me maintain a reasonable level of doomfeeling, it is certainly fascinating. Coronavirus cases in the South continue to skyrocket, but things have not yet progressed to a New York City Levels of Apocalypse. Still plenty of time for that, I guess, as states surrounding Virginia continue to plow right on into reopening.

Coronavirus: Day 102

Due to the pandemic, we canceled our annual trip to Blacksburg for the Virginia Tech spring football game. It's one of my favorite family traditions, and this is one of the first year's we've skipped since my son was just a couple years old. Honestly with all of the…everything…going on, mid April rolled right past us and we kind of forgot about it. Part of what makes that trip special is mandatory stop at Benny Marzano's for “pizza as big as your face” or “big-face pizza,” as we call call it. I don't know why it took me so long to remember, but we've got a Benny's in Richmond—Benny Ventano's. So we celebrated/memorialized our annual trip at home with plenty of big-face pizza. We'll hit up Blacksburg again, though. Maybe in 202…1?..2?

Coronavirus: Day 101

It’s weird how part of my nightly quarantine routine is to wait until the sun goes down and then check Goad Gatsby’s Twitter timeline for updates on the evening’s civil unrest. Didn’t have that on my coronavirus bingo card!

Coronavirus: Day 99

I'm having frequent coronavirus-related nightmares. They're not terrifying dreams, more like frustrationmares: I forget my mask, I'm stuck in a crowd of maskless people, I have to organize an event but can't provide proper social distancing, stuff like that. I haven't slept well in over a week due to these low-key, boringly upsetting dreams. I mentioned it in couple of grouptext, and apparently lots of folks are experiencing the same thing. Weird timeline we live in where we can build solidarity through shared nightmares.

Coronavirus: Day 98

With just five episodes of Lost left to watch, I'm positive we'll look back on these quarantimes as the "Catrow Family's Lost Era." I do wonder if we've got enough time trapped in our house ahead of us that we'll split up quarantine into its own mini eras. Era 1: Lost…Era 2: Every single episode of Star Trek ever made??

Coronavirus: Day 95

I've now been in two buildings other than my house since March 13th: The mortgage refinance place and my parents' house. My quarantine world is expanding! I think I'd have flipped my biscuits by now if not for riding my bike all over the dang city as much as possible.

Coronavirus: Day 93

The seven-day forecast is an endless stretch of potential rain. If I get trapped in this house for the next week with no escape THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES. And, by consequences I mean I will be unintentionally rude to my family while eating lots of chips.

Coronavirus: Day 91

We joined some of JR’s fifth-grade friends for a bike parade in celebration of their graduation from elementary school. Talk about stressful. So many kids! So much shouting! Not enough masks! But: We were outside, in the sunshine, kids aren’t great spreaders of COVID-19, and they were mostly socially-distanced for at least most of the time. Still, though, the afternoon reinforced just how scattered across the Coronavirus Preparedness Spectrum different families find themselves.

Coronavirus: Day 90

A number divisible by 10 and by 30! That’s how you know it’s a real milestone. I think I’ve let some days slip out of this coronadiary, but I’m not sure when or how many. Google tells me 92 days have passed since March 13th, which is kind of shocking and unbelievable. NINETY TWO DAYS. That’s 25.2% of an entire year!