Coronavirus: Day 95

I've now been in two buildings other than my house since March 13th: The mortgage refinance place and my parents' house. My quarantine world is expanding! I think I'd have flipped my biscuits by now if not for riding my bike all over the dang city as much as possible.

Coronavirus: Day 93

The seven-day forecast is an endless stretch of potential rain. If I get trapped in this house for the next week with no escape THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES. And, by consequences I mean I will be unintentionally rude to my family while eating lots of chips.

Coronavirus: Day 91

We joined some of JR’s fifth-grade friends for a bike parade in celebration of their graduation from elementary school. Talk about stressful. So many kids! So much shouting! Not enough masks! But: We were outside, in the sunshine, kids aren’t great spreaders of COVID-19, and they were mostly socially-distanced for at least most of the […]

Coronavirus: Day 90

A number divisible by 10 and by 30! That’s how you know it’s a real milestone. I think I’ve let some days slip out of this coronadiary, but I’m not sure when or how many. Google tells me 92 days have passed since March 13th, which is kind of shocking and unbelievable. NINETY TWO DAYS. […]

Coronavirus: Day 85

17 years I’ve been married to Valerie, and only one of those years have we spent our anniversary in quarantine hiding from a deadly virus. Typically we celebrate with friends, pasta, and fish at Edo’s, but tonight we’ll celebrate with…burgers? And more of the same?

Coronavirus: Day 84

Got out on the bike after a couple of days trapped inside by heat and rain—still incredibly hot outside. I ordered a couple of these neck gaiters to use as face coverings while riding, and, while they are super thin (and maybe not super corona-effctive), they are still super hot while chuffing up a hill […]

Coronavirus: Day 83

Couldn’t help but laugh at this sad little anecdote I found in the Richmond Times-Dispatch today: Chris Morrison, a 38-year-old Hanover County resident, brought a bucket of water, dish soap and brushes to try scrubbing the graffiti from the Lee monument Wednesday…After trying for a while, he couldn’t scrub the graffiti from the pedestal. Instead, […]

Coronavirus: Day 82

I've got such a limited reserve of creative energy and almost all of it goes into Good Morning, RVA each morning. By the time evening arrives, I've only got enough focus left in the tank for margaritas and comics and, I guess, scrolling through the Twitter timelines of local reporters. I'm in awe of folks […]