Coronavirus: Day 55

The magical thing about a bike is that it can change your scenery in just a couple of minutes with very little effort. Taking short, unscripted bike rides around this half of Richmond has kept me from getting too stir crazy and too sick of the very limited places to sit in our house. I've […]

Coronavirus: Day 53

The Governor announced that he expects Virginia to enter Phase One of his recovery plan on May 15th. Despite data, despite caution! Return we must so people can order appetizers and bang trims from folks who do not have the privilege of working from home! Anyway, pretty disappointed but morbidly fascinated by what the coronagraphs […]

Coronavirus: Day 52

Easily the best night of coronaquarantine so far. The child retreated to his Fortnite and FaceTime cave, Val and I sang and danced in the kitchen while the fresh air and nighttime sounds slipped in through the screen doors. We drank wine.

Coronavirus: Day 48

My quarantine attention level is streaky like whoa. Some days I can barely stay on top of my ever-dwindling amount of email. Some days I'm checking off things from my todo list that have sat dormant for months. I can't predict when the productivity will hit, and I can't predict what I'll feel like doing. […]

Coronavirus: Day 46

I was on a (virtual) panel, as part of RVA Bike Month, titled Bikes, Buses + Budgets (odd comma choice not my own). Lately, like, for the past two and a half weeks, I've found it so hard to do things involving other people. This panel, about topics I know well and ostensible enjoy talking […]

Coronavirus: Day 42

Apropos of Day 41, we ordered takeout for the first time since quarantine began. Queso is a delicious—but stressful—morale booster. We've broken the takeout seal, but I'm still not sure whether it'll become a frequent part of our routine.

Coronavirus: Day 41

I've made dinner 40 days in a row. While that's exhausting to think about, forced by the quarantine to spend more time in the kitchen, I've gotten better at dinner. We’re eating healthier, more balanced meals and not just piles of brown fried-and-frozen things. I still can’t bring myself to meal plan, but maybe by […]

Coronavirus: Day 40

40 is a biblical number. Once, it rained for 40 days and washed the world away. Now that we’ve suffered through our own contemporary 40-day trial, I feel a lot more empathy towards Noah—stuck on a boat with his family for nearly a month and half. Depending on your own specific living situation, you may […]

Coronavirus: Day 37

The weather right now is so wonderful, and the light coming into the house is perfect. Outside of this moment, everything is weird and sometimes terrible, but inside of this moment it feels soft and buoyant. I'm looking forward to cocktails on the front lawn at 4:45 PM to continue forgetting about the outside world—if […]

Coronavirus: Day 35

I have no thoughts about today! It was the same as yesterday! Cool how the days now stretch forward in an endless parade of sameness—work, lunch, walk, school, bikes, margs, dinner, Lost, margs, books, sleep. SURE LOOKING FORWARD TO TOMORROW. Honestly, though, it could be way, way worse.