Coronavirus: Day 34

I've been taking slow, 10-mile bike rides most afternoons and using the time to work through audiobooks. A couple days ago I finished Pride by Ibi Zoboi and Forever War by Joe Haldeman. The former was an excellent modern take on Pride and Prejudice, the latter was…fine. Definitely an archetype for a lot of science […]

Coronavirus: Day 32

I wanted chocolate chip cookies, but we didn't have chocolate of any form in the house. Instead, I made these iced lemon cookies with some lemons I had in the fridge that were about to turn. First, lemon continues to be the best flavor. Second, quarantine has helped me get way better at putting all […]

Coronavirus: Day 30

Holy shit. 30 days in quarantine. I remember reading this blog written by a guy under quarantine in China back in early March. At the time, he’d spent 44 days in quarantine, and I thought that seemed impossible and un-American. Not un-American in a “This Shall Not Stand! #CONSTITUTION #FREEDOM” way, but in a “Yee-haw! […]

Coronavirus: Day 29

Yo! It is officially time for me to get summer seedlings into my garden. How am I supposed live through Pandemic Summer 2020 without tomatoes? UNHAPPILY, I tell you what. In the ground already I’ve got some romaine, radishes, beans, and hot peppers (seeds saved from last year, so we’ll see). But none of those […]

Coronavirus: Day 28

I’m thinking about data a lot. Each day, around lunch, I open up the VDH website and update my Virginia-focused coronavirus spreadsheet with the newest data. Then, each night, my friend living in Chicago opens up a set of tabs and updates his nationally-focused coronavirus spreadsheet with the newest data. Even though death and sickness […]

Coronavirus: Day 27

I’ve started to lose track of the days despite our best attempts at putting together a strong schedule to help us mark the passage of time. Today felt like Friday or Monday for most of the day, but it’s neither of those days. It’s Wednesday. Wednesday is great, because Wednesday means Survivor group text with […]

Coronavirus: Day 25

Today we ran out of butter, and I almost lost it. More butter is on the way, set for delivery tomorrow—but still! How did we even approach this butterless event horizon?? Two is one, and one, certainly, is none! And none butter means no more baking projects, no lima beans for dinner, and no toast […]

Coronavirus: Day 23

I am absolutely exhausted by the thought of cooking dinner yet again and have decided we’re eating chips and ramen for the duration. As with pre-virustimes, meal planning is absolutely awful, and, like then, I just can’t bring myself to do it. Now, though, as we shelter in place for the next forever, there’s nothing […]

Coronavirus: Day 21

Immediately ordering a printer as quarantine began stands as one of our best coronavirus decisions to date. We’ve used it to print D&D miniatures, math work sheets, and, most recently, the Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition. If you’ve got a tween at home, I can’t recommend the latter enough. It’s chock full of poop jokes, […]

Coronavirus: Day 20

This, from the Chronicle of Higher Education, resonated with me: No matter what your family unit looks like, you will need a team in the weeks and months ahead. The best way to build a team is to be a good teammate, so take some initiative to ensure that you are not alone. If you […]

Coronavirus: Day 19

I’ve been baking a lot. Monday is Bread Day during the Family Activity portion of our schedule (3:00–4:00 PM), and so far we’ve made: A cheesy quick bread, Southern cast-iron cornbread, and butter fan rolls. All of the recipes came from Bread Illustrated. I know everyone is doing #sourdoughchallenge or whatever and using up the […]

Coronavirus: Day 17

On Sundays we attend church in our living room. City Church, our church for more than a decade, has done a really excellent job creating a way to asynchronously work through the liturgy we’ve come to expect week after week. It doesn’t replace a corporate worship service, but it still feels communal in This Most […]

Coronavirus: Day 15

Friday night is movie night here in Catrow Coronatown, and we decided to watch The Day After Tomorrow—which is, by far, my favorite disaster movie. Made in 2004, it’s supposed to be a far-fetched look at how climate change will ruin our planet. Sitting here 16 years later, though, it feels both not-far-fetched-enough and especially […]