Elect people who ride the bus

Via Cap'n Transit Rides Again: My top two strategies to get transit built are to focus on the potential for glamorous ribbon cuttings, and to get people elected who commute by transit, and who care about transit commutes. Decision makers are not interested in cost figures for their own sake, and neither am I. I […]

Get to the stuff!

Via Manton Reece This is so dang true. I've already spent so many minutes wading through intros of Apple Arcade games waiting to figure out what kind of game I'm actually playing. The best Apple Arcade games start with gameplay nearly right away, realizing they are mobile games first.

Protest HOWTO

This series of posts about the protests in Hong Kong, written by the Pinboard guy, seem like an instruction manual for large-scale protests in America. Should we get to that point, I guess.