Beating fare evasion

I’ve recurrently told American cities to tear down the faregates. BART’s belts-and-suspenders fare enforcement is unnecessary, borne of a panic rather than of any calculation of costs and benefits to the system. But what BART should get rid of is not the ambassadors, but the faregates. The most successful transit city the rough size of […]

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Dang, the writing in the most recent edition of Bim Adewunmi’s infrequent-but-excellent email newsletter is a billboard for why you should subscribe immediately: Flu is one of those diseases I am very fortunate to have had maybe only thrice so far — every time I have flu, I think about how every winter, people wrongly […]

I watched ~50 movies in 2019

Here are all the ones I remembered to log (thanks to Letterboxd for enabling such simple imports/exports): Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker; 3.5; December 24, 2019 Suspiria; 4; December 22, 2019 The Ref; 4; December 15, 2019 Marriage Story; 5; December 6, 2019 The Matrix; 4.5; December 2, 2019 In the Tall Grass; 3.5; […]

Dungeons, Dragons, and Doritos

Last night I had the privilege to DM a kickoff session of D&D with my 11-year-old son and two of his friends. It was incredibly successful and everyone left excitedly bellowing about their characters and what they planned on doing during the next session. For me, the experience was joyful and life-giving—which sounds like, but […]

Changing the default

From Valerie Catrow: “So, what do we do?” The words come out quivering. “Better,” I say, wrapping my arm around his shoulder and steering us forward, towards home. “We try to do better.”