Richmond launches second attempt at West Broad Street rezoning after backlash to plans allowing 20-story buildings

This is a bad, anti-climate, anti-human take. “People in apartments are usually transients. That’s another concern I have. If we just build big buildings, they’re going to be filled with transients who enjoy the city while they’re single and then move to one of the counties when they have a family,” she said. “That bothers […]

Phenomena (1985)

The best thing about the first two thirds of Phenomena (1985) is the soundtrack, closely followed by Jennifer Connelly’s big white tie. The best thing about the last third is everything.

Botober Day 1: This space station

One of my favorite online people, Janelle Shane, has put together a month’s worth of AI-generated drawing prompts, which I’m going to try and do but with photos. Some of them are easy, like today’s “This space station,” but, some of them, whew. What’s a photo of “Eleventamnesia” look like? P.S. If you don’t already, […]