Coronavirus: Day 74

I told an AI that attempts to generate rhymes to write me song about the "coronavirus pandemic" to the tune of David Bowie’s "Space Oddity." Here’s what it came up with: To learn more about this disease or For further assistance Is recommended as part of the vaccine Information program hosted by kathleen F of […]

Coronavirus: Day 72

I have an entire other blog for writing about local government, but I'm real interested to see how Richmond's mayor responds to the last two weeks of the City's percent positivity data—which has become Virginia's Very Important Coronavirus Metric. It's gone up since he requested a Phase One postponement from the Governor two weeks ago […]

Coronavirus: Day 71

The best part, so far, of coronatimes has been exploring new-to-me parts of Richmond by bike. I’ve found incredible trees, hidden paths, secret sidewalks, and charming neighborhoods all within a couple miles of my house.

Coronavirus: Day 68

Everything is the same or bad, and I need something to be different and good. I know I am ~40 years old and Office Space is such an obvious generational marker for me, but I do relate deeply to this bit: So I was sitting in my cubicle today and I realized, ever since I […]

Coronavirus: Day 67

I talked to four different people on the phone. That's probably more people I've interacted with in a single day since…66 days ago? When I talk to people with my voice lately, without the additional time to process that text affords, I can feel myself rambling, mumbling, and generally not making any sense. I've forgotten […]

Coronavirus: Day 65

The outer bits of Tropical Storm Arthur move into Virginia this week and the weather forecast looks like soggy garbage. A greater-than-even chance of rain every day for an entire, seven-day week?? How are we supposed to take our daily walks? Will I be able to squeeze in some bike ridin’ between downpours? We’ve got […]

Coronavirus: Day 63

This line from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, on the day some of the state entered Phase One of recovery, is just too, too good: As people approached, a few would slide the masks back onto their faces. Others were too busy scarfing down Chick-fil-A’s large waffle fries to notice. A perfect combination of The Stand, Idiocracy, […]

Coronavirus: Day 62

On the eve of the Governor's planned entry into Phase One of recovery, Mayor Stoney made the right—but hard—decision to ask for a delay in the City of Richmond. I've written a lot elsewhere about the weird/strange/incomplete/shady/confusing data the Governor has used to build his timeline for recovery. I'm proud of the Mayor and his […]

Coronavirus: Day 61

I’m writing this entry from a hammock hung between my back deck and the privacy fence. It stretches through some ornamental shrubs, and lying in it makes me feel like I’m in a forest. I can still hear more cars than, say, a week ago, but the carpenter bees and robins are louder. It’s about […]

Coronavirus: Day 59

Today, I checked off more than two items from my todo list and closed out an entire project. Incredible! Like I said 11 days ago (!), corona-attention is incredibly streaky and unpredictable. I'm grateful to have caught the tail of whatever productivity dragon happened by this morning and held on for most of the workday.

Coronavirus: Day 57

As Virginia lurches towards Phase One of recovery, Mel Leonor at the Richmond Times-Dispatch has a piece that everyone should read. It'll make you mad. The one chart that the Governor has used to make his case for reopening this coming Friday, May 15th, is a 14-day decline in percent of positivity. However, Leonor reports […]