Just like Nicholas Quah over at Hot Pod News, I love newsletters. His plan to make a Radiotopia-inspired federation of newsletters is interesting—although you wouldn’t catch me involved in anything that shares ad sale revenue. Membership though? Maybe like Maximum Fun? Here’s Quah’s on how the relationship with his first newsletter partner will work: You […]

This accounting of teaching congressional campaigns about digital security is fun, interesting, and could have been written about extended family members instead of people running for Congress. Maciej Ceglpwski, the Pinboard person, is one of my favorite internet writers. But I never found a way to get people onto 1password in a single training session. […]

From In an Unequal America, Getting to Work Can Be Hell: “A lot of these workers in low-wage jobs—they either have to [move] to Prince George’s County, Maryland, or Alexandria, Virginia, and the transportation network has not changed to meet the changing demands,” says Yesim Sayin Taylor, an economist and founding executive director of the […]

This was a good Twitter thread I put together back in October 2017 and is a good example of what I like best about Twitter.

Last week, I wrote about how gender-neutral “full-on, multi-stall, chat-at-the-sink bathrooms” make me feel anxious for irrational reasons. This week, I came across VCU’s gender-inclusive restroom map which has an important qualifier for the restrooms contained therein: single-stall! Way less anxiety for everyone. Tangential thought: As an official old person, I’m excited to be a […]

I got heated this morning during a conversation about how the bus company should focus on providing high-quality, fixed-route transit and not get distracted by whatever shiny new thing. In this specific case, I was ranting about autonomous vehicles, but it could be on-demand this or Uber/Lyft that, too. From Alon Levy at Pedestrian Observations: […]

From an opinion piece in the Atlanta Journal Constitution about a plan to massively invest in public transportation: To maximize a prosperous future that seems in the cards for this metro, we must be willing to dream and build aggressively toward it, we believe.

I went to an event the other day at a space with gender-neutral bathrooms—not single-occupancy toilet rooms, but full-on, multi-stall, chat-at-the-sink bathrooms. I’m, like, a pretty progressive guy, but when Bathroom Break Time arrived I totally froze. I felt childish, because, intellectually, I know that peeing in the same room as a stranger of the […]