• Ages ago, I titled the new employee introduction section of my work’s internal newsletter “Welcome to the party, pal!” and no one has said a single word about it.

  • Finished reading: All Systems Red by Martha Wells 📚

    Well, sign me up for the rest of theses, I guess!

  • Finished reading: The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie 📚

    Whoa OK, trying to stop myself from excitedly talking to all my pals about the way this universe works. Audiobook for sure.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, 2023 — ★★.  Two stars only because of the dog jokes.

  • 📸 September 2023 photo challenge: Language

  • 📸 September 2023 photo challenge: A very “over yonder” trail marker.

  • My son sent me a rocksteady album to listen to, and I am filled with pride.

  • 📸 September 2023 photo challenge: This is not a panorama. This is the microwave from the freshman commons at my son’s high school during back-to-school night when the power was out because of a storm.

  • 📸 September 2023 photo challenge: A hydrangea you’d find planted around some abandoned well, haunted by a creepy ghost child.

  • 📸 September 2023 photo challenge: New-to-me forest trails!

  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, 2022 — ★★★★.  I’d watch spinoffs on multiple characters in this spinoff!

  • 📸 September 2023 photo challenge: New, beautiful roller rink on the Northside surrounded by orange and white barricades.

  • 📸 September 2023 photo challenge: Precious lil’ guy found on the trail

  • Saw you coming from a mile away, Picard Flute episode of Wheel of Time!

  • My brain has so mixed up Wheel of Time, LotR, Shadow and Bone, and The Witcher that I can’t tell which fantasy person with special powers is trying to accomplish which side quest anymore.

  • 📸 September 2023 photo challenge: Build(ing) up my indoor ornamental pepper game.

  • 📸 September 2023 photo challenge: Abstract

  • Miss Congeniality, 2000 — ★★★.  Why did we drink out of little weird test tubes in the early 2000s? Did we run out of cups?

  • The Babadook, 2014 — ★★★.  Teaching the child that children are the real monster.

  • Werewolves Within, 2021 — ★★★½.  I’m a Sam Richardson completionist.

  • Has someone already started a LLM MLM?

  • Finished reading: Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County by Kristen Green 📚

    I keep talking about this book to everyone that will listen (why did I wait until now to read it??), and it’s a strong recommend for everyone—but especially for Richmonders and Virginians. So much of the language used by 1950s racists is in use now by 2020s racists!!

  • Who’s excited to figure out “winter interest” in the yard this year??

  • <kills enormous disgusting fly>

    <Terminator 2 theme plays in the background>

  • “And those He kills He makes alive; He hears the sigh or groan. Poor bankrupt souls, who feel and know The hell of sin within”


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