• Smile, 2022 — ★★★½.  Derivative but good, like a new Taco Bell menu item.

  • Looking for a leather / sustainably-made ID badge holder—know anyone making something neat?

  • Darkest Hour, 2017 — ★★★★.  I forgot this was Gary Oldman for the last 60 minutes.

  • My favorite Moby Dick bot account just moved to Mastodon.

  • Harrow the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir, ★★★★ ½

    Second time through, still amazing. 📚

  • I’m not against VCU’s intro video, but the way it’s currently implemented really sucks the energy out of the room. Let’s get the band involved instead of a canned sound track!

  • Season two of Black Summer was hard to watch in the best of ways.

  • Brahmāstra Part One: Shiva, 2022 — ★★★½.  Where are they now: Ma-Ti, the “heart” planeteer from Captain Planet.

  • Greenland, 2020 — ★★★.  If you don’t have marriage problems are you even in a disaster film?

  • Nope, 2022 — ★★★★.  Blood rain scene made me gasp.

  • Anne Helen Petersen writing about the Instagramification (or, more broadly, the public performance) of holidays:

    In this way, leprechaun magic becomes the norm for the next generation. And when something becomes a norm, deviating from it — even when it exhausts you, even when you think it’s ridiculous, even when you know it has no bearing on your actual love or care for your child — can feel a lot like being a bad parent.

    via A Theory of Sprawling Holidays

  • Hellraiser, 2022 — ★★★½.  If you get monkey-pawed once by a horrifying flayed creature, that’s on them. But if you get monkey-pawed twice by a horrifying flayed creature, that’s on you, buddy.

  • Was stopped three deep (of bikes!) at a light on Floyd Avenue tonight.

  • The marrow soup situation in Harrow the Ninth is the best, most disgusting, most wonderful scene. 🩻 📚

  • Barbarian, 2022 — ★★★★½.  The duvet ghost got me gooooood. What a delight!

  • Same, but for speeches and public statements!

    Sometimes it’s also hard to listen to a person tell a story IRL because I can’t stop hearing all the places I would edit if it were audio. It’s hard to turn off my intense listening brain and just let something wash over me.

    via How an Idea Becomes a Podcast

  • When the game is blacked out for whatever incomprehensible reason.

  • A Day in the Life — Richmond, VA — 8:00 PM (I forgot to eat dinner)

  • The Power of the Dog, 2021 — ★★★★.  Hula hoop the pain away.

  • Just finished my second reading of Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir. So entirely worth it!


  • I can’t stop looking at this picture of a supernova shooting a pulsar out into space. Mesmerizing.

    It is well known that supernovas can act as cannons, and even that pulsars can act as cannonballs – what is not known is how supernovas do it.

    via APOD: 2022 October 2 - Supernova Cannon Expels Pulsar J0002

  • Just one example of why The Locked Tomb series is just the very best.

    Harrowhark set her hands on the black stone crossbar of the door almost reverently, and pressed her ear to the rock as though she could hear what was going on inside. She stroked her thumbpad over the deep-set keyhole and pulled her hood over her head. “Unlock it,” she said.

    “Don’t you want the honours?”

    “It’s your key ring,” said Harrow unexpectedly, and: “We will do this by the book. If Teacher’s correct, there is something around here that is fairly hot on etiquette, and etiquette is cheap. The key ring is yours … I have to admit it. So you must admit us.” She held out the key to Gideon. “Put it in the hole, Griddle.”

    “That’s what she said,” said Gideon, and she took the ring from Harrow’s gloved fingers.

    via Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir 📚

  • A Classic Horror Story, 2021 — ★★★½.  Every good movie starts and ends with a good wickerperson.

    “A Classic Horror Story” movie poster
  • “Avoid area” is, unfortunately, evergreen advice for people on foot or bikes trying to get through this intersection.

    VCU ALERT, Traffic Alert. Traffic Collision OFF MP Campus – (Lombardy/Broad St). Avoid area. Police on scene.

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once, 2022 — ★★★★★.  Whoa ambitious movie made by someone who cares very much!

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