• Three Thousand Years of Longing, 2022 — ★★½.  I looked at my phone for like 25 seconds and entirely missed the part where Tilda Swinton suddenly decides to fall in love with Idris Alba—I mean, not that I can blame her.

  • Finished reading: Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson 📚

    What a delight! <queues up the rest of Kevin Wilson’s books>

  • Scream, 1996 — ★★★★.  Holds up enough that the 14yo liked it—surprising for a 90s film!

  • JUNG_E, 2023 — ★★½.  This guy never met a train he couldn’t squeeze an action scene out of.

  • New front fork rack! Idk what I’ll strap onto it, but i’ll be rad, that’s for sure!

  • Finished reading: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo 📚

    I think this is the first legit good book recommendation from my teenage son!

  • Today I rode the bus to two places, walked to two places, and rode my bike to three places!

  • Radishes out of the garden taste amazing! Butter and radish sandwiches are in my fuuuuuuture.

  • I’ve never done a summersault away from any situation.

  • Broke up some concrete in the backyard this morning and found a literal (hopefully abandoned) rats’ nest!

  • Came across this presentation at work about Overdose Fatality Reviews, and imagine if we did something like this but for traffic violence??

  • 37.5% of all possible permutations of “Please Flush After Use” convey the same meaning (mostly).

  • If Microsoft’s design language actually looked like their help screens and marketing shots, it’d probably be pretty nice!

  • I think the lawn chair technology that served our fathers and their fathers before them is probably superior than the jumbly bag of nylon and poles we’ve got now.


  • Yet another sidewalk closed with no safe alternative provided. We can do better and actively choose not to—and people get hurt because of that.

  • First blanket flower of the season!

  • Last night, I had two beers and tried to convince a bunch of urban planners to come work in public health.

  • There’s nothing special about rva.fyi, other than I wanted a new project and wanted to make it as easy as possible for local people to take two steps back from Twitter.


  • Greetings From Richmond does a great job at capturing our weird, small, dirty, big-hearted city.


  • Email these legislators and demand adequate funding for public education.


  • Ate shit on my mountain bike and felt like an old man tapping “I fell and I’m OK.” on my Apple Watch. Yeah, I fell, but I was getting rad!

  • It’s never a good sign when a picture of bankers boxes full of your documents ends up on the news.


  • In the last couple of days, I’ve seen a bunch of comments from advocates across the country wishing their city would also eliminate parking minimums.


  • With the rewrite of the City’s zoning ordinance on this horizon, these are promising steps in the right direction.


  • I’d love to see someone run this same comparison of Richmond real estate’s assessed and market values.


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