• A Classic Horror Story, 2021 — ★★★½.  Every good movie starts and ends with a good wickerperson.

    “A Classic Horror Story” movie poster

  • “Avoid area” is, unfortunately, evergreen advice for people on foot or bikes trying to get through this intersection.

    VCU ALERT, Traffic Alert. Traffic Collision OFF MP Campus – (Lombardy/Broad St). Avoid area. Police on scene.

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once, 2022 — ★★★★★.  Whoa ambitious movie made by someone who cares very much!

  • Dead Ringers, 1988 — ★★★★.  OK, still makes me feel as terrible as it did 20 years ago. Just checking.

  • We’re All Going to the World’s Fair, 2021 — ★★★½.  I’d have rather it gone a different direction, but oof regardless.

  • Gaslight, 1944 — ★★★★★.  We’ve now been able to confirm that men have been shitty since at least before the invention of electricity.

  • That’s because electric vehicles sidestep only one small part of what makes personal car ownership such a stubborn problem for cities. They may run on electricity, but they’re still cars, and you don’t fix car problems with a different kind of car.

    via Why You Should Buy an E-bike Instead of an Electric Vehicle

  • Thor: Love and Thunder, 2022 — ★★★★.  Can we get a best-supporting nom for Stormbreaker??

  • The Night House, 2020 — ★★★½.  I love every movie inspired by House of Leaves.

  • The best compliment I’ve ever gotten was when this metal-looking Lyft driver was like “Do you play drums?”

  • Licorice Pizza, 2021 — ★★★★½.  Gimme a whole movie of the HAIM family yelling at each other.

  • Two or three more cool things on Westwood Avenue and we could have a real destination spot—infill on the west side of the road would do it.

  • This is why I love reality TV—especially the Real Housewives universe, which, stripped of the glitz, is about nothing other than how and when to give an apology, and under what terms to accept one.

    via Should You Cut ‘Toxic’ People Out of Your Life?

  • Classic turtle people.

    The lionfish community is “really collaborative,” she told me. “You become friends—you’re dive buddies shitting off the back of the boat together.” (She contrasted the fellowship she felt among lionfish hunters with the behavior of other conservationist types: “Turtle people treat each other like shit and backstab each other.”)

    via Killing Invasive Species Is Now a Competitive Sport

  • Bo Burnham: Inside, 2021 — ★★★★½.  I’m not sure I could have handled watching this a year ago 😬

  • We’ve moved on from drinking out of Ball jars to drinking out of huge pickle jars with the labels still stuck on them.

  • Where can I read car reviews for people who hate cars and don’t care how “fun” they are to drive?

  • Gardeners east of Meadowbridge, y’all are crushing it. I am taking notes.

  • Come onnnnnnnn

  • I…bought seven cactuses today.

  • The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel, ★★★

    I didn’t love it, but I’m still thinking of like three different parts. 📚

  • New bike rack at work! My lasting contribution!

  • The Anomaly by Hervé Le Tellier, ★★★★ Would you make out with your double, check yes or no 📚

  • Algebraists for life!

    He has green eyes that make him look like a number theorist, even though he has long hair like a game theorist, and wears the Trotskytizing small steel-rimmed glasses of a logician and the holey old T-shirts of an algebraist -the one he’s wearing at the moment is especially shapeless and ridiculous.

    From The Anomaly: A Novel by Hervé Le Tellier

  • Camp dinner / French people lunch.

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