In 2018, as part of my annual goals, I decided to get a Fracture of my favorite photo taken each month. This was, in part, to encourage myself to take more photographs, and, in part, to get a bunch of cool pictures hanging next to my bed. It was definitely one of my more fun and successful goals.

I’m going to keep up with this goal in 2019 but have added two new photography-related goals:

  1. Participate in a weekly photo challenge
  2. Use my blog to share photos
I’m sure there are a million and one photo challenge websites out there, but I found this one: Trevor Carpenter PhotoChallenge. Weird domain, but sure.

This week’s theme was “Time,” and I kind of forgot about it until today which meant I almost ran out of time! Here are two shots I grabbed while running errands. The first, our grandmother clock as I headed out there door, and the second, a 5-hour Energy Drink display at Staples.