Just like Nicholas Quah over at Hot Pod News, I love newsletters. His plan to make a Radiotopia-inspired federation of newsletters is interesting—although you wouldn’t catch me involved in anything that shares ad sale revenue. Membership though? Maybe like Maximum Fun?

Here’s Quah’s on how the relationship with his first newsletter partner will work:

You can subscribe here. Here’s what this arrangement means, and what it doesn’t:
  • To be clear: this isn’t Hot Pod Media acquiring Cherie’s newsletter, nor is this Hot Pod formally expanding into the music vertical. Cherie will fully continue to own the Water and Music newsletter plus all the other stuff that’s attached to it: the podcast, the paying member community, and so on. On that note: Water and Music members are separate from Hot Pod Insider paid subscribers.
  • Instead, consider this the seedling of a potential independent newsletter collective. (If this sounds Radiotopia-esque, that’s intentional.) I’m helping to edit the work, manage the back-end, and grow the newsletter.
  • What’s in it for me? Well, for one thing, I get to work on a whole new topic, which would be a welcome change for me. Plus, when appropriate, I’ll syndicate some pieces on the Hot Pod newsletter, and finally, once Water and Music gets to a certain revenue size, I’ll start pocketing a small cut.