Some folks I work with in NYC are visiting Richmond and asked me to put together a list of things to do, eat, and see while in town. Here is that list. Keep in mind that it’s for a bunch of urbanists from a real city, so, like, a lot of things that I think are good and fine didn’t make it on the list (see: the entirety of Scott’s Addition). Also, it’s focused on places you could get without a car, otherwise you’d see both Ronnie’s and La Milpa in the food section.


  • Edo’s Squid — This is the best restaurant in Richmond. It’s Italian, but you should get the fish (the branzino is my favorite meal in town). Other suggestions: squid, white bean, and arugula salad; braised cabbage.
  • Charm School — Second best ice cream in town, but it is right next to the Arts District Pulse station.
  • Saison Market — Also adjacent to the Arts District Pulse station, it has the best local coffee, imho. You can also get a chicken biscuit there for breakfast that is kind of world-altering.
  • Sub Rosa — The first time I went to Sub Rosa it was because I had to pee (bus rider life), and I bought this date and cheese pinwheel pastry situation that was so good that I bought another one immediately.


  • Bamboo Cafe — The best bar in town, but it’s chill and for old people.
  • Ipanema Cafe — The bar of my youth! Plus a great spot for vegetarian lunch.
  • Cobra Cabana — The best new bar in town. It’s owned by metal dudes and is the only place you can get High Life on tap.
  • Triple Crossing — My favorite brewery with both a Downtown and a kind-of-far away location. They easily make the best beer in Richmond.

Urbanism things

  • T. Tyler Potterfield Bridge — This is our literal best thing! It’s a bike/ped bridge that stretches across the river and gives you some amazing views of the skyline.
  • The Pipeline — We have this weird pipe that at some point we converted into a trail that you can walk on. It’s bizarre and awesome and makes you feel like you aren’t in the middle of a medium-sized Southern city.
  • Capital Trail — A separated, paved trail that runs from Downtown to Williamsburg. It’s awesome for bikes, but since you won’t have a bike you could ride a scooter out that way to the Stone Brewing brewery and grab a beer.
  • Franklin Street bike lane — Idk, this is our best bike lane, but you have, like, real bike lanes. This is all we’ve got!

Normal people things

  • Maymont — Once upon a time we had a rich family who owned a ton of land in the City and now it is this huge park with some weird stuff in it like bears and a Japanese garden.
  • The VMFA — This is our state art museum, and it punches above its weight. You’ve seen better museums for sure, but it’s free and air conditioned.
  • Carytown — Our cute shopping district that should be pedestrian-only, but no one is brave enough to just do it.