From The Thomas Jefferson Hour, The Republic on the Brink of Collapse:

We have read, and I believe, that if there could be a secret ballot in the Senate, twenty Republican Senators, at least and already, would vote to convict the President and remove him from office. Perhaps thirty. In other words, there is a widespread tacit agreement in the most senior political body in the United States that it would be best for the republic if Donald Trump were removed from the Presidency using this legitimate constitutional tool. But it will not be a secret ballot. Even if Senator X believes the president should be removed, even if he thinks the president should go to prison, she may not dare to make that judgment for fear that an angry mob of Trumpites will burn down her house, or shoot through his windows, or run her down while jogging. I am not joking. The fear of the wrath of Trump’s supporters is real, and it goes well beyond fear of being primaried in the next election cycle.

This is terrifying and something I hadn’t thought about. He also talks briefly about a Cold Civil War in America—another terrifying thought that I hadn’t consider but feels pretty true.