Our family is already trying to figure out how to balance our responsibility and commitment to social distance with the need to remain connected to our friends and larger communities—and it's only day two! How big of a group gathering is irresponsibly big?

On March 12th, which is 100 years ago in virus time, the Atlantic talked to a few doctors about what exactly qualifies as social distancing. The responses range from "People should be home as much as possible," to "The CDC recommendations are to keep six to 10 feet away from other people," to "I would recommend that people minimize social contact, and that means limiting all social engagements. That includes intimate gatherings among friends."

We had a some kids over last night for D&D, and I felt some stress about it even though those same kids had just spent the entirety of last week at school together doing who knows what with their grubby hands. Today, at least as of right now, I'm planning on riding bikes with a few friends this afternoon. But that's outside, on our own bikes, probably never within six feet of one another. That seems fine, right?

Reading through this blog from a family in China under strict isolation orders (but becoming less and less strict by the day), makes me super aware of the importance of maintaining connections outside of your immediate surroundings and immediate family. Somehow, they've made it 50 days without killing each other; we've already had some tense conversations just 48 hours in.