Today, we plan.

Yesterday, we attempted to have a Classic Catrow Saturday, but the hanging anxiety made that pretty hard. Tempers weren't especially long, and time normally spent reading or watching movies (or many, many episode of anime) was spent flopping around and complaining about how there was nothing to do. One the one hand, it's like "dang, this is just day TWO," but, on the other hand, I think everyone's just stressed about not know what life looks like for the next several weeks. So, to get ahead of that feeling before it starts to feel all-consuming, today, we plan.

I'm not a homeschooler or a person who's lived through a pandemic before, but I'm convinced planning a loose structure for the coming days will be important to preserving morale and, basically, making sure we don't all kill each other. I think our plan needs two parts: First, a plan for the day. Second, a plan for the week. The former will, with any luck, let us all use the productive parts of our day to work and learn while nudging us to do the things needed to keep us healthy—going outside, eating a proper lunch, getting some exercise. The latter, I hope, will help us mark the passage of time and give us something to look forward to. As schools across the country extend their closings through the end of April, I'm pretty nervous about the days mashing together into an infinite and endless slog. "Wednesday is bread day" or "Thursday is movie night" could help break things up a bit.

Our plans could work perfectly or crash and burn within the first couple of days. Who knows! But, honestly, half the reason you make a plan in a survival situation—which this feels like—is to regain a feeling of control. So that's what we're working on today: A plan.