Today, I learned that, at this moment, I'm not in the right mental state to go to the grocery store. We ran out of ice cream, I thought it wouldn't be a big deal, in and out. After getting back and dumping the contents of my bags onto the back patio and compulsively wiping down every single item for 15 minutes, I realized supply runs are probably best left to someone else in my household. It wasn't so much the exposure to other humans, it was the extreme awareness of every single surface on every single bag, box, and package and all of the hands that must have touched each one on the way to the shelf. All of them! I kind of fell apart!

Honestly, I think the schedule was the only thing holding us together today. We had a few, small, unplanned deviations from the plan, and—not to speak for anyone else—I…did not handle it well.

While weekends are basically made up at this point, I am certainly looking forward to this weekend.