Week 1: Complete! We did it, it was hard, and I'm proud of us. While I'm not looking forward to Week 2, we learned a lot over the last seven days and I feel prepared to tackle the next seven days.

The biggest surprise from Week 1 for me was the efficacy of video conferencing with my pals to make me feel reconnected to humanity. Texting is great—and, honestly, the main way I communicated with most of my friends pre-coronavirus—but there's something different (biological?) about seeing someone's face. I spent an entire hour on the FaceTime with a friend that I've never once talked to on the phone for longer than two minutes. It was great and totally not weird after we settled in.

As the weeks drag on, we—the entire family—will need to continue to get outside as much as possible and to make sure we all take the time to literally see some faces every couple of days. Luckily, JR is already ahead of the game, spending big chunks of each day videochatting and playing Minecraft with his squad.