Dang, two weeks already? Virus time is weird, because, in some ways, it feels like 600 weeks has past, but, in other ways, I remember writing this just a couple hours ago:

I’ve got a lot of questions about what life looks like after its familiar routines get twisted and bent by the unknown. Do we make the big pot of coffee every day instead of just on the weekends? Do we have recess, but, like, for the whole family? Does anyone expect any work to really get done? How bent and twisted will our routines get and how long will it take for those new routines to feel commonplace? When will things get back to normal? Will this be the new normal?

Now to answer Past Ross's questions:

  • We do make the big pot of coffee every day, but, the past few days I've been cutting the Good Coffee with a bit of the Bad Coffee to preserve our supply. This weekend though, 100% Good Coffee all the way.
  • We have dedicated, daily out-of-doors time at 11:00 AM. One day this week it rained, so we jogged in place while watching an episode of My Hero Academia.
  • I'm still unclear on if people expect work to get done, but I can tell you there's not a ton of work getting done. Working on quarantine? More like quarantining my work!
  • Our old routines were almost immediately bent and twisted (a bit by our own design) and now, honestly, feel commonplace. People are so adaptable, and that's incredible.
  • I have no idea when things will get back to normal. Everything seems to point to peakvirus in Virginia at some point next month—that's at least a bunch more weeks of our new normal.
  • While I don't think we'll sit confined to our homes for the rest of our days, I do think that bits of our new routines and coronaculture will make themselves a permanent part of how we live our lives.