Some of the better pictures I took during this year’s vacation to Hilton Head Island.

A small flock of six pelicans flies over some trees in front of a sunset sky.

A yellow sign reading “Be Aware of Poisonous Snakes and Uneven Surfaces” is seen behind the fronds of a palm tree. The sign features an illustration of a cobra (?!) inside of a triangle.

The hands of a 14-year-old boy explaining a diagram of volleyball rotations.

A forest on the edge of marshland. In the foreground, one of the trees is bone white.

A black and white image of a dead tree limb in front of a cloudless sky. THe moon is visible as a small, gray circle.

A man sits fishing on a pile of rocks that stretches into the ocean.

A heron-type bird looks on from very shallow waters of a low-tide beach.

A dead tree stands tall on a beach, looking sort of like a branchy Y. More dead tree remains in the foreground.

View of the underside of a tall, column-supported bridge at low tide.